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How Tarius can help your business

Supporting the Regulatory Intelligence Function

Providing the right information to the right people at the right time to support the company’s understanding of ongoing regulatory issues, and to help you make informed predictions about what comes next, is a key activity of the regulatory intelligence function.

This will support medical companies to stay in compliance and lead to the generation of regulatory strategies designed to obtain and maintain product approvals in a timely and efficient manner.

Tarius supports your regulatory intelligence activities by providing access to global regulatory information for the healthcare industry on Human Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, and IVDs. We offer personalized surveillance, “everything” in one place and we span the globe, covering more than 110 countries, regions and international organizations around the world.

Your Benefits From Using Tarius

  • Your company is able to diligently and continuously monitor the regulatory environment, thus enabling you to ensure compliance in terms of procedures for clinical trials, new product approvals, manufacturing, import/export, adverse event reporting, and more.
  • You avoid the risk of duplication, redundancies and misplaced efforts by staff members who work independently on individual projects, saving time and money while giving your team consistent and cohesive access to reliable regulatory intelligence data.
  • You gain immediate access to essential details in English for countries which present special challenges due to the local languages (and where you would otherwise need to reach out to local contacts for explanations and/or translations).
  • You are able to double-check the accuracy of business-critical information obtained from your local distributors, manufacturers and other in-country contacts.
  • You retain the regulatory knowledge within the company, ensuring that this expertise is always available (even in times of staff turnover).
  • You improve the internal dialogue by using Tarius as a joint platform for regulatory intelligence across different company locations and affiliates.

Subscribe to Tarius

You access Tarius by subscribing to our services. Either, we customize a web portal with contents matching your business needs and you and all your colleagues have unlimited access to this company-specific resource. Learn more about our Customized Solutions. Or, you can choose to subscribe to our off-the-shelf product: the SAC Tracker.

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