The SAC Tracker

The SAC Tracker provides you with the advice given to the FDA by the Advisory Committees organized under CBER, CDER and Office of the Commissioner.

Meeting Reports

From the moment a meeting is announced until the FDA makes its decision, SAC Tracker has you covered. With an extensive voting and decision history, SAC Tracker provides the information for your analysis.

Our subscribers receive a series of reports by email. For most of the meetings that involve a vote, there are 5 reports. For meetings that do not involve a vote, there are 3 reports. The schematic below describes the content and timing.

Subscribers also have access to the SAC Tracker database.

    •     Reports for meetings dating back to 2010
    •     FDA and Sponsor meeting materials (e.g., agenda, transcript, presentation slides)
    •     Within-text search of the aforementioned reports and meeting materials
    •     Profiles for each Committee (showing past meeting dates & topics for each Committee & links to relevant reports)
  •     Profiles for each voting Committee member (showing how that member voted in meetings since 2010 and the comments he/she made with his/her vote)

Why Subscribe?

    • Would you like to be the first to have background information about an upcoming meeting?
    • Would a concise summary of the voluminous FDA and Sponsor briefing materials, as well easy access to these materials, interest you?
    • Are the key outcomes of Advisory Committee meetings important for you to know?
    • Do you want to understand the reasons Committee members voted a certain way?
    • Are you expecting to participate in an Advisory Committee meeting and want to learn from past meeting examples?
  • Are you curious to track when the FDA followed a Committee’s recommendation and when they did not?