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Tarius is celebrating 20 Years!

Tarius started in 1996

Tarius was initiated by the members of the Danish pharmaceutical organization MEFA (now LIF), who needed a database compiling continuously updated US FDA and EU EMEA reference documents focusing on human drugs. In 1996, they contacted the Danish publishing group Schultz who has been printing legislation and governmental information since 1661, and who had published Danish online regulatory information since 1990. The Schultz Group and MEFA formed an editorial group in mid-1996 and the first version of Tarius was launched in early 1997.

Tarius also started marketing and selling subscriptions to pharmaceutical companies outside of Denmark and during the following 10 years, Tarius served a continuously growing group of US- and EU-based clients. Based on their requests, national information from the EU member states, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East was added by building a global network of local independent, regulatory experts.

In 2007, Tarius compiled a complete, parallel module for the medical device industry covering 60 countries, providing national reference documents and Expert Summaries written by the local regulatory experts.

Tarius became an independent, management-owned company in 2010. A new 100% web-based platform was launched in December 2012, and shortly after the first cross-country tables providing essential data in excel spreadsheet format were launched. Another important step was the launch of the SAC Tracker in 2013, a module providing in-depth reports concerning FDA’s Scientific Advisory Committees.

In 2015, Tarius added the machine translation service for a selection of countries, supporting full-text search and retrieval into non-English documents. Tarius is currently investigating the tools available for translations of Chinese and Japanese into English. Tarius also launched the Tarius Editor, which enables clients to upload their own data and documents into their customized web portal.

By adding additional 15 more countries in 2016, we today compile information from more than 100 countries, regions and international organizations. Also, in April 2018 we extended the machine translation to cover 60+ countries.

In December 2017 Tarius became part of IQVIA – the world’s largest medical information, service and technology provider.

We are proud to be providing the most user-friendly, the most customizable and the most comprehensive information service to regulatory people in the healthcare industry, and we look forward to continuing developing our service in a close dialog with our clients!